New Scientific Methods to Analyse DMT Hallucinations: PhD Work

PDF Link:  Study Outline – 3D Animation of DMT Complex Visual Hallucinations – Liam Key

Description: This research was completed over a period of 1 year beginning in March 2013. It was finally rejected at a confirmation seminar, as major errors were evident to the panel representatives in terms of scientific method, and the proposed mechanisms that cause the 3D hallucinatons.

It is still felt that valid research can be conducted in this field, and it is cautioned that the above information requires much more scientific research with field experts, and is simply out of scope of the researcher.

Current work is being conducted on continuing this field of research within the creative industries. It is felt that the imagery currently being produced outside of the scientific standard is still of the highest significance. As a result, total dedication will be made within independent researchers within the Creative Industires. This may be the only last avenue for freedom of expression, while still maintaining a rigorous analysis of internally generated and seen visual forms.

One major problem is proving that individuals experiencing complex visual hallucinations can accurately recreate them using 3D animation software. To test this theory, face composite software was then explored to find contributions in which this same task is required to be completed.


Face Composite Software For Police Agencies: PhD Work


PDF Link:   Study Outline – 3D Face Composite Software – Liam Key

Description: This research was conducted in order to show how individuals could use 3D animation software to accurately reproduce internally stored visual imagery. It documents how 3D animation can make significant improvements to current software available.

A series of prototype software using 3D animation was built as a face creator. This included Unity, Blender, Python.

This study was withdrawn by myself, as it was only started to prove that the scientific method to study DMT hallucinations was valid.